Check Your Nuts : The Importance of Refurbishing

In honour of the month of November, and awareness of men’s health issues and prostate/testicular cancers, we are excited to bring you a blog dedicated to discussion about the health of your nuts (of all kinds).

Like most pieces of quality equipment, Superbolt® Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners (MJT’s) are an investment. That investment may have been made for safety, machine integrity, assembly efficiencies or other needs, but to get the best return on your investment, your MJT’s need to be properly maintained!

Refurbishing Superbolts® between service periods is much more than just making them look shiny and new. It is critically important that the Jackbolt Torque to Bolt Preload relationship remains consistent to ensure that your products will continue to effectively hold your machine together. To accomplish that, components must be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any signs of overloading or abuse that could lead to tensioner degradation or failure.

Our standard inspection starts by looking for signs of abuse, misuse, or overloading, while assessing the general condition of all the components. Upon dis-assembly, nut bodies are cleaned and thread gauged. Jackbolt threads and hexes are also confirmed to be in good condition. Washers are checked for flatness and excessive jackbolt embedment. If there are any components with identified excessive damage they are removed from service, and replacements are supplied.

Check out a simple example of a kit sent to us for the refurbishment process, and the way that we sent it back to our customer!

Before Refurbishment Process
After Refurbishment is complete

Amazing difference isn’t it? If you think your Superbolts® could use a thorough check, don’t hesitate on getting in contact with us.

We also encourage you to get checked this month! Just like with your Superbolts®, early detection and treatment can save you a lot of stress.