The Making of a Custom Stud

Precision Bolting Ltd. is not only the best choice for your bolting solutions, but can also meet  manufacturing needs for the associated components. Normally, any stud above a 4.0” diameter is not available “off the shelf”, so where do you go?

With an in house machine shop available, custom studs or bolts, whether they be large or small, can be manufactured for any project! Our manufacturing capabilities allow for cost effective supply, even for time sensitive turn-arounds.

The basic process of manufacturing custom steel studs is pictured below:

Raw material arrives to be manufactured into a stud order. Material test reports are checked against the job requirements to ensure all specifications are met.
Material is machined into profile. Provisions for additional items like an installation hex, bottoming button or lifting eyes can be added.
Cut or Rolled thread profiles are added and a STUD is formed!
Permanent markings such as part number, material traceability, production dates or application position numbers can be added.
Coatings such as Zinc Phosphate (In-House) for basic corrosion protection are available.
Followed by proper packaging for shipment or storage.
Alternately, custom studs can be combined with other components to make a complete fastener kit!

When you choose PBL to support your stud project, you will receive quality consultation and experienced recommendations. PBL would be pleased to help you make the decisions on  material selection, production methods, and protective coatings to ensure that your project  comes in on time, on budget and with the highest of quality.