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Simple Bolting Solutions

July 9, 2018
Can the solution really be THAT simple? When it comes to the world of bolting, I’m often amazed how many steps we are willing to take and how hard we have to work when we can’t see the simple solution! The purpose of a bolted connection is to join two or more parts together. The intension of the joint can either be permanent or temporary. The factors that then influence the integrity of said joint are often too numerous to list. Fastener size vs. grade. Bolt Preload vs. Working Load. Tightening methods, materials, tooling availability, space restrictions, safety, and the list goes on. If the correct set of conditions are not met, the bolted joint can be susceptible to coming loose, often with catastrophic consequences! Out of necessity, people find “Creative” ways to keep bolts from coming loose using the materials they have at hand. In the picture below, assuming we ignore the effect welding has on a heat treated bolt, and what it means for the poor technician who has to take this retainer plate off, tack welding these strips of steel bar across the bolt heads to keep them from rotating would seem like a fairly ingenious solution. But when we start going out of our way to create a solution this complex... Just maybe, it’s time we took a step back to…