As a distributor of Taper Line ® products, Precision Bolting Ltd. is able to solve unique problems where alignment or vibration resistance are key factors. Taper Line® has been manufacturing and supplying precision fasteners to a variety of industries since 1975. Their unique “self locking” products are secured to shafts, spindles and ball screws by a strong mechanical metal to metal locking feature. Two distinctive locking styles permit the operator to make a simple adjustment for maintenance or bearing pre-load requirements.

Taper Line® bearing locknuts, hex nuts and cylinder accessories have been utilized in the following industries:

  • Automotive OEM Machine Tool Builders
  • Spindle Manufacturers
  • Ball Screw Applications
  • Gear Boxes
  • Industrial Automation
  • Oil
  • Paper Converting
  • Aircraft
  • Textile
  • Printing
  • Robotics
  • Steel Processing
  • Bearing

How They Work:

“By applying a torque to the locking screws, a “press fit” or “wave spring” effect is created thus locking the female threads of the locknut (C) to the male threads of the shaft. This deflection produces a strong mechanical metal to metal lock but does not effect the squareness of bearing face (A) to the pitch of diameter of the locking threads. By releasing the locking screws (with an Allen wrench) the “wave spring” thread section springs back to the normal thread clearance position thereby allowing the nut to be adjusted or removed. At no time should the tapped holes of the locknut be altered or modified. The locking screws may extend beyond the locking surface (B) in some face-lock style locknuts after locking.” (


Precision Bolting Ltd. adapts Taper Line’s “press fit” effect to a number of other custom applications to increase the integrity of bolted joints.

For more information about these custom applications, visit our Custom Solutions Page.